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unlike you, the ache will not leave.

— feelings 9:38 p.m. // 3.18.24   (via bedsigh)

Anonymous asked: All I think about are the memories we shared, how easy and simple things were back then. How nervous I was around you. How you would laugh with me about something that didn't make sense and then pull me close and kiss me for hours on end. It takes my breath away thinking about it. I miss you.

Sorry, Idk who this is.


When your arms hug me tight, everything in the world seems so right.

— Your hugs. (via fragmentallygirl)

You made me so happy: happier than I had ever been before. 
So I guess that’s why when you left, you left me sad and hurt and broken, more so than I knew was possible. 

Don’t tell me those pretty words if you’re not willing to do anything to show me what those words really mean.

— Do Something About It. (via fragmentallygirl)